Proud of our cooperation

Tess one off Lipica is a collaboration between Tess products and Lipica. In the 20 years we've known Tessa we've grown into friends. In the past we have helped each other regularly with building and supporting our own companies. Tessa designed her 'Tess bridles' and started with a new challenge in her life. Because we saw more and more colours in the horse world, more combinations and more demand for separate colours, we came up with the idea to start a cooperation with each other in order to bring a unique product on the market. Not only color is a big role in these bridles, especially the fit and the friendliness around the horse's head are central here.

Independent dealers

Please note that dealers work independently of the factory. Prices and conditions may differ slightly per dealer or with us as a factory. If you plan to have boots measured at a dealer, please contact the relevant dealer for more information.



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