Riding boots


One of our boots with a small lace on the front. This model fits closely around the ankle and is only suitable for the somewhat normal to narrower legs. The Doncaster is the older type of this model but the Doncaster is quite wide around the ankle and therefore more suitable for the fuller legs. This model is generally used for jumping and as a training boot. Especially the contreforts of this model are low so they walk a lot more comfortable. This model also has a zipper at the back which makes the boot a little softer in fit.

Please note: All our boots are made to measure and according to your own wishes. We do not have standard boots in our assortment. When fitting, we always give advice which model(s) would suit you best. All boots are made of high quality cowhide leather. Both the lacquer, over leather and lining leather is high quality cow leather. The starting price is based on standard smooth leather with a choice of all colours in our range. Only lacquer and prints have a surcharge. So of course we have many more options that fit perfectly with these boots so you can compose them to your taste. For more options and prices you are welcome at our factory or one of our dealers.

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Independent dealers

Our dealers work independently. Prices and conditions may differ slightly per dealer or with us as a factory. If you plan to have boots measured at a dealer, please contact that dealer for more information.


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