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A longer lifespan for your riding boots

Leather is a natural product and it is a misunderstanding that more expensive riding boots are by definition stronger or better. The materials used are more comfortable, more beautiful, but also more vulnerable. Good care is not only about preserving your boots, it extends their life and you will have more fun with your boots.

Put on and take off the boots with care

When putting on and taking off boots with a zipper, the zipper has to be loosened down to the bottom. Taking off boots by putting on the heel of the other foot leads to loosening the sole.

Never dry the boots near a heat source. Even boots that you don't use very often will need regular maintenance. Boots that have been in the closet for a long time will dry out and may crack the next time you use them. Regularly changing boots will increase their life span, let the boots rest for a day after wearing them. Preferably on a tensioner. In this way the absorbed perspiration can evaporate. If the boots are wet they should be dried well. Never do this by means of a heat source (stove, hairdryer, etc.) but let the boots dry in a warm, but not hot, place (room temperature).

Maintenance of leather riding boots.

Leather is a skin: when exposed to the sun and heat, the skin dries out and tends to tear. If the skin remains wet for a long period of time, it will wrinkle, and eventually tear and/or rot. That is why you have to make sure that the leather does not dry out or stay wet for a long time. You will understand that the lifespan of your boots falls or stands with good care. We therefore recommend that you wipe the boots each time after riding with a damp cloth to remove salt and skin grease from the horse's boots.

We also recommend frequent maintenance of the boots with the appropriate care products.
Leather is a natural product and the visible veins, pores, scars, insect bites and light and strong colour differences characterise the authenticity of your boots.

These are not material errors and can therefore not be considered as a complaint nature has left its signature here. Discolorations or other spots which occur through the use of the boots can also not be regarded as a complaint. Because of dirt or sand on both the boots and the saddle there can be spots on the boots.

An example of discolouration through use is the discolouration of the inside of the boot against the saddle, due to the abrasive effect of leather on leather discoloring the inside of the boot.
This cannot be considered a complaint and is therefore not covered by the warranty. Because leather is a natural product, there can be differences in stretch in use and no guarantee can be given.

By taking good care of your boots, they can last a long time. That's why we also ask you to polish your newly purchased boots 4 or 5 times a week during the first few weeks. After that period you have to polish them with some regularity. We do not guarantee any wear and tear or dehydration due to improper or overdue maintenance of the boots.

care for lacquer boots

Lacquer boots are sensitive to strong temperature changes. Maintain lacquer boots with lacquer oil.
Lacquer boots should be treated at least 2 times a week even if the boots are not used, this can prevent lacquer breakage for a long time. Also for lacquer boots, wipe with a damp cloth each time after riding to remove the salt and skin grease from the horse's boots. This to reduce the chance of lacquer breakage.

Nevertheless, we cannot give any guarantee on patent leather.

Soles replacement

Rubber tread soles wear just like a car tyre: if the tread is worn, the sole must be replaced, otherwise there is a risk of breakage.

Worn soles don't mean the end of your boots, because in many cases they can be expertly repaired by a good shoemaker. Once your riding boots are worn, there is no guarantee anymore.

Suede and nubuck

Care of suede and nubuck: inject with a water repellent every six to seven times wear.
To remove stains, use a slightly damp cloth to remove loose dirt.
When the surface is dry again, rub the material with a suede brush or nubuck pad.
Then re-inject the shoe with the appropriate care products.

Care of smooth leather: remove dirt with a slightly damp cloth and when the surface is dry again, treat with a good shoe polish.


Zippers only remain closed when the trigger is pulled all the way to the top. Otherwise the brake on the zipper will not work and the zipper will drop.
We give 2 months warranty on the zippers provided they have been properly maintained and used.

Within the shoe industry there is no guarantee on the following

- Patent leather, soled shoes, zippers, shoes washed in the washing machine or dishwasher.
- Leather shoes of for example (or with) raffia, elastic, textile, linen or (artificial) silk.
- Delivery of shoes (depending on the person).
- Art or imitation leather (has other properties than real leather)
- Fabric shoes.
- Shoes with a top of animal hair (imitation skins). Hair may fall out due to normal use.
- Dehydration/tearing of leather, leather dries out if not maintained properly or too little.

Collection period riding boots

Removal of the boots should take place within 6 months after contact, if the boots are after 6 months of not being picked up, you lose the right to the boots and you are not entitled to a refund of the deposit.

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